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If we observe the prices of goods or services, www.ui.texasworkforce.org
no price is fixed or constant over time, and even tends to rise.
it is caused by an imbalance between the flow of money and goods flow. where the flow of goods should flow from the production company to the market and meet with the flow of goods coming from government and household expenditures or consumers.
In such circumstances, the price will be created. www.ui.texasworkforce.org If the flow of money and goods flows are in balance, then the price will be stable, the number of bids is equal to the number of requests. so does the amount of money available in the community. if there is an imbalance between supply and demanders of goods, as well as the flow of money and the flow of goods when it was called inflation. To be more precise, the definition of inflation is "a process or event in the economy in the causes for the disruption of the balance between the flow of money and goods flow. "Or inflation is a phenomenon where the general price level has increased continuously webmail.
If the increase happens only once, although the percentage is large enough can not be said as inflation because it has no further effect. for example, rising prices ahead of Ramadan or on other holidays can not be said debagai inflation because it has no further effect. events such as the example above, termed as the rise in the price level and every event that tends to push up the price level is referred to as volatility of inflation. While the level of the percentage increase in price levels and some price index from a period to another period called inflation.
 The economic crisis in 1997 as pncak of the series of liberalization of the banking sector since the 1980s has shown that the national banking industry has not had a strong banking institution that is supported by a good banking infrastructure. In Fundametal, Indonesia's banking system still has to be strengthened to be able to cope with internal and external shocks. Fundamental national banks which proved belumkokoh is a challenge not only to the banking industry in general. Challenges in the banking world are also changing in line with changes taking place in the financial services industry in general. To achieve a more solid Indonesian banking, improvements must be made in various fields. Turns fatherly address the challenges faced by banks in recent years.